Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Elementary School Students Must Learn About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ( STEM) Now

Most children have a natural interest in the science. They want to learn about plants and where their food comes from. They are surrounded by science and engineering every day but it is not at topic at the dinner table. Children are missing out on all of the fun things that they can learn just by exploring the world around them. For instance, if you ever take a child to a park you will easily find out that they are full of questions. We need to make STEM a daily part of their lives. The number of career opportunities is expanding every day and they require a lot of technical skills. There are several things that you can do to interest elementary students in STEM. Here are some activities to consider: 1. Start a Lego robotics program at your school 2. Take a nature walk to discuss the sciences in nature 3. Visit a local manufacturing facility that has robotics 4. Get a book that gives parents ideas that they can do at home 5. Have a competition to build a bridge out of pop cycle sticks 7. Visit a science museum in your city. 8. Try to find fun ways to introduce math as a competition to put things together. 9. Discuss all of the new types on energy by using videos and visiting places where the energy is produced. Elementary students love to learn through hands on experiments and asking questions. Be prepared for an adventure. A reason to be excited about elementary students getting to know about STEM is the vast number of career opportunities. To see a unique way that I am introducing elementary students to STEM using ebooks visit . http://youtu.be/9r-NAzrEqAI

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